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This beautiful breed that is achieved by breeding an F-1 Goldendoodle with a Full Poodle has become a favorite among family dog owners. F-1B is especially sought after because that particular mix of 1/4 Golden Retriever to 3/4 Poodle is known for its friendly, loving nature and its hypoallergenic fur. An F-1B is achieved by breeding an F-1, which is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Poodle, to a full Poodle. This way you breed out the shedding factor and other inconsistencies that F-1’s may still retain. Your result is a dog that has the wonderful disposition of a Golden Retriever with the almost non-existent shedding that Poodle’s are known for. Our Goldendoodle puppies are known far and wide for their great dispositions and beautiful form.

Bailey, our original F-1 Goldendoodle has a “delicious” Caramel Cream coloration and her puppies can range from the darker Caramel to the lighter Cream. Nala is our truly exotic F-1 White English Cream. She is bred from a Cream English Retriever and a White Poodle, and her puppies usually retain a whiter coloration. Sydney is our Tawny Red F-1 Goldendoodle. Her puppies can range from a simmering light Copper to a flaming darker Red. Whichever color tickles your fancy, all of our F-1B puppies are truly amazing and they love to get right down to business delighting their families.

If you would like to be one of the lucky ones to take home a Knight Goldendoodles puppy, join our list soon, as our Goldendoodle litters get spoken for very quickly. An F-1B Goldendoodle is just about the perfect breed, and Knight Goldendoodles produces some of the best in the Country. And we’re not just whistling Dixie!

For more information, contact us at (919) 771-4643 or knightdoodles@gmail.com