Comments and Reviews

“Originally, we were looking at a golden retriever, but found out a member of the family was very allergic to their fur. Thus began the hunt for the best non-shedding breed for our family. Albus (previously named Louie) is the perfect dog for us! He absolutely loves cuddles and loves to be active! He’s so smart and well-behaved. I can’t go anywhere with him without getting a compliment on what a beautiful looking dog he is! He’s a very healthy boy who adores animals and people alike (and will shower them both with kisses). The Knights are a fantastic family and we adored their dogs. They’re super great to work with and genuinely care about their pups and pairing you with your perfect fur-baby. Our boy is over a year now and we couldn’t be happier with him!”

Owners of Albus (Nala’s May 2019 Litter)

“We had an extraordinary experience with Knight Goldendoodles. Our puppy has an exceptional temperament, is incredibly bright and easy to train. She is sweetly friendly, loves going out with us, being around children and other dogs. She is an absolute joy and the best possible addition to our family. Also, after meeting Jeter, my mother is interested in either a mid-sized or standard size english cream goldendoodle. If she decides to go with a standard size, she would like to purchase her from Knight Goldendoodles Thank you for everything!”
-Owners of Jeter (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“We are loving our time with Porter. He is a bundle of energy. He loves to cuddle during his nap time. He is a great
addition to our family. ”

-Owners of Porter (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“We’re so in love with our Goldendoodle puppies, Beau and Tucker! Their personalities are fantastic and they are the perfect additions to our family. They spend most of their time cuddling with each other, playing in leaves, and building piles of toys. We can’t believe how big they have gotten already!”
-Owners of Beau and Tucker (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“At 10 weeks Arlo has already learned to sit, stay, paw, come and we are working on lay down! He is an awesome dog!”
-Owners of Arlo (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“ She is such a lovey girl and you can tell she is just looking for our approval and attention. We just love her!”
-Owners of Mia (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“I have absolutely fallen in love with this girl… and this breed. She has totally stolen our hearts to the point that I know one day we will have another one. She has the most amazing temperament. She is the calmest puppy I have ever seen, but still has lots of great puppy energy. Her personality is really fun. Her favorite things are a bone, ball, kids, her bunny toy, and dog movies…in that order. 🙂 She is a great fit for our houseful of kids and our older lab, Oscar. I think she has added a few years to his life….he loves his girl. We are incredibly thankful to have her and appreciate the wonderful experience that we had with the Knight’s.”
-Owners of Nala (Nala’s March 2015 Litter)


“Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family! Kingsley is an amazing dog. He was practically house trained when we brought him home and he has been so loving and sweet. Our lab Patton, and Kingsley became best friends instantly. He really is an amazing dog. So smart and very easy to train.”
-Owners of Kingsley (Nala’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“Our girl Luna is growing and we are already
thinking about expanding our family with a little brother for her.”
-Owners of Luna (Nala’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“He is a fabulous dog and so smart! We are so glad he’s a part of the family now.”
-Owners of Murphy (Nala’s Sept. 2015 Litter)


“Mia has become the best friend someone could ask for.  We love her so much that we are waiting to get Sydney’s Spring 2017 pick of the litter as a friend for her to play with.  These are the best dogs that I could imagine having, and they definitely become the center of attention when they walk into a room.  Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful girl into our lives.  We are definitely looking forward to seeing the personality from the new Goldendoodle next Spring.
-Owners of Mia (Sydney’s Sept. 2015 Litter)

“We are loving Margeaux! She’s such a sweet sweet pup and we are alljust completely in love with her! Thanks for letting her be part of our family!”
-Owners of Margeaux (Sydney’s Sept. 2015 Litter)

“Oakley is almost 10 months old now. He is sweet, lovable, and so intelligent. We get stopped everywhere we go, people want to meet him, take his picture, and cuddle (of course). He loves people and dogs of all sorts. He has brought such light and joy to our small family. He truly is our perfect pet!!!
We get to tell people about you all the time ?
All our thanks!!!”
-Owners of Oakley (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)

“We adopted Trooper from Bailey’s litter. He only had a few days at home with us before we whisked him away to the Isle of Palms for a beach vacation. He was by far the most popular dog on the island- we couldn’t walk a block without stopping to let someone meet him and tell us how much they love goldendoodles. He’s been great and we just love him. He’s gotten spunkier over the last couple of weeks and has been playing a lot with us, but still enjoys chilling out (especially on top of the air vents). I’m pretty sure we got the best puppy of the litter.?”
-Owners of Trooper (Bailey’s May. 2016 Litter)

“We’re totally head over heels in love with our Goldendoodle we’ve named Honey Bear (formerly known as Izzy) from Bailey & Cooper’s May litter. We can’t even begin to express how much joy she has brought to our lives and how impressed we are with her intelligence, playfulness, adaptability, exuberance for all creatures, and her impressive ability to snuggle like no other animal we’ve encountered. She has a special fondness for pillows. Honey Bear is truly the perfect dog and we can’t imagine why anyone would get another breed over a Goldendoodle. We can’t walk down the street without crowds of people wanting to pet her, hug her, and smile. We’ve passed your name and contact info to several people in the area. We just want to thank you again for breeding such sweet and loving puppies. Attached are some pictures from the past few months. Honey is 8 months old today and about 55 lbs. She was spayed at 6 months and is in perfect health. We’re expecting our first baby this March and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect family dog that we know will be an important part of our baby’s childhood and integral to our family unit.”
-Owners of Honey Bear (Bailey’s May 2016 Litter)

“Oliver is a wonderful addition to our family and could not be more perfect! He is friendly, sweet, intelligent, playful… he’s basically PERFECT! When we take him out in public, we cannot make it for more than a few minutes before someone stops us to ask all about him. He seems to put a smile on everyone’s face. He is a special dog, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience for our first puppy. He’s already gone on quite a few adventures. We wanted to thank you again, for being so knowledgeable and helpful in the process of picking out our puppy. We would not have our best bud Ollie without you and would recommend Knight Goldendoodles to anyone who is looking for a pet. THANK YOU!”
-Owners of Oliver (Sydney’s March 2016 Litter)


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