What is a Goldendoodle?

A goldendoodle is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

What are the different generations of goldendoodles?

There are different generations of Goldendoodles and terms used to describe these:

F1 Goldendoodle – Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle (Half Golden Retriever/Half Poodle or 50:50)

F1B Goldendoodle – F1 Goldendoodle bred back to a Poodle (75% Poodle: 25% Golden Retriever or 75:25)

*All of our puppies are F1B (75:25)

Do F1B Goldendoodles shed?

F1B Goldendoodles will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies. The F1B Goldendoodle is 75% Poodle which makes this generation the most hypo- allergenic of all the Goldendoodle generation breeds.

What type of pet is a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles make amazing pets and they are great family dogs. Mix breed dogs are known to be healthier and more genetically sound then purebreds. Goldendoodles are fun, loving, family dogs that are great with kids and love to participate in family activities.  They are like having a friendly teddy bear around the house!

What is the temperament of a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are very intelligent, loyal, loving dogs. Retrievers and poodles are ranked in the top 5 smartest dogs in the world.  They are great with children, other animals and all people in general. They love being with people and will not be content left on a chain all day outside by themselves. They need human companionship.  Goldendoodles are even-tempered, fun loving dogs with great personalities.  They will bark to warn you that someone is at the door but they are NOT excessive barkers.

What size can I expect my Goldendoodle to get?

Knight Goldendoodles currently breeds standard size Goldendoodles, which can be expected to weigh somewhere between 60 to 70 pounds when full-grown. Our newly acquired Mini Goldendoodle should have puppies that are somewhere between 15 to 25 pounds. These sizes can, of course vary a little.

Knight Goldendoodles always sell fast, so it’s a good idea to get on the list early for our next litterFor more information, or to reserve a puppy from our next litter, on a first-come first-serve basis, with a reservation deposit, email us at knightdoodles@gmail.com, or call us at (919) 771-4643.