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Meet the Knights

Michael and Nancy Knight have been Goldendoodle breeders for a decade. They got their first Goldendoodle, Bailey,  in 2009 and instantly fell in love with their dog’s sweet disposition and playful personality. Before long, they decided to breed her so that they could bring more of these perfect pups to other families.

Mike and Nancy live in the small, rural town of Clayton, North Carolina where their precious pups (Bailey included) have plenty of room to run and play. They spend their days serving in their community and raising up generations sweet Goldendoodle puppies for you to love!

What Our Pet Parents Are Saying

“We had an extraordinary experience with Knight Goldendoodles. Our puppy has an exceptional temperament, is incredibly bright and easy to train. She is sweetly friendly, loves going out with us, being around children and other dogs. She is an absolute joy and the best possible addition to our family. Also, after meeting Jeter, my mother is interested in either a mid-sized or standard size english cream goldendoodle. If she decides to go with a standard size, she would like to purchase her from Knight Goldendoodles Thank you for everything!”
-Owners of Jeter (Bailey’s Sept. 2015 Litter)

“Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family! Kingsley is an amazing dog. He was practically house trained when we brought him home and he has been so loving and sweet. Our lab Patton, and Kingsley became best friends instantly. He really is an amazing dog. So smart and very easy to train.” -Owners of Kingsley

“We’re so in love with our Goldendoodles, Beau and Tucker! Their personalities are fantastic and they are the perfect additions to our family. They spend most of their time cuddling with each other, playing in leaves, and building piles of toys. ”
-Owners of Beau and Tucker

“I have absolutely fallen in love with this girl… and this breed. She has totally stolen our hearts to the point that I know one day we will have another one. She has the most amazing temperament. She is the calmest puppy I have ever seen, but still has lots of great puppy energy. Her personality is really fun. Her favorite things are a bone, ball, kids, her bunny toy, and dog movies…in that order. 🙂 She is a great fit for our houseful of kids and our older lab, Oscar. I think she has added a few years to his life….he loves his girl. We are incredibly thankful to have her and appreciate the wonderful experience that we had with the Knight’s.”
-Owners of Nala (Nala’s March 2015 Litter)

Our Doodles

Our puppies are known for their sweet and silly personalities, their friendliness with kids, and their hypoallergenic coats. If you’re looking for a best friend who loves to spend time outside as well as come home and cuddle on the couch with you as you Netflix the night away, then a Knight Goldendoodle is your perfect pet!

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